Frequently Asked Questions

We will answer all questions related lease transfer.

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What is a total car rental lease ?

It is a long-term car rental.

What is a lease with an option to purchase ?

It is a long-term rental in order to become the car owner at the end of the contract, through the payment of the residual price.

What is a sales type lease ?

It is a long-term rental allowing you to become the car owner when the contract ends without paying the residual price.

What is the residual price ?

The residual price determines the value of the car once its length of rental has expired. Residual price = purchase price – amount of amortizations

How do I know if my lease contract can be transferred ?

Most of the lease contracts can be transferred. To make sure of it, just contact your loan company or the vehicle supplier (the garage).

What are the charges related to the lease contract’s transfer and who has to pay for them ?

According to your loan company, you may need to pay for charges related to the change of the contract’s holder. The payment of these charges has to be negotiated when the contract is transferred.

Am I still legally responsible once the lease contract has been made ?

Once your lease contract has been transferred, you are no longer legally responsible. This means that the seller is disengaged when the contract is retaken by the buyer.

What does the “offered” amount mean ?

The “offered” amount corresponds to the amount of the deposit / the initial contribution the first subscriber paid when the contract was subscribed. This amount can be increased by one or more free month’s rents.

What is the “Good Deals” section ?

In the “Good Deals” section, you will find ads giving the higher amounts of input (during the subscription of the contract).

What is the “Only a few months left” section ?

In the “Only a few months left” section, you will find ads where contracts expire soon.

What is the “urgent ads” section ?

In the “urgent ads” section you will finds ads with the “urgent” logo under them. This means that the advertisers wish to let go of their lease contracts quickly.

Can I purchase a vehicle advertised on leasetransfer.ch selling off the contract ?

Leasetransfer.ch connects lease sellers and buyers together. However, depending on the type of contract, you can sell off a lease contract. In order to do so you have to get in touch with the loan company and the garage / supplier.

Who will have to pay for the possible reconditioning of the vehicle at the end of the contract ?

It is the holder of the lease contract who will have to pay the possible reconditioning charges, when the car is returned. This is the reason why we recommend you to have the car checked by a professional during your lease’s transfer. Doing so, the seller and the buyer will be able to agree on the terms.

What happens after my lease agreement has expired ?

During the lease term, you are granted the right to use the vehicle in question according to the leasing conditions agreed. The vehicle remains the property of the lease provider. After the lease agreement has expired, the lease provider normally returns the vehicle to the garage at the contractually agreed upon return value. Should you like to acquire the vehicle you leased after the agreement has expired, you have to contact the supplier.

What kind of vehicle/car insurance do I have to take out ?

During the lease term, you need a full accidental damage insurance for your vehicle.

What documents are required for a lease takeover ?

You need a valid document of identification (ID or passport, or, if indicated, identity document for foreign nationals) and proof of your income (e.g. pay slips). Business clients are kindly asked to state their financial situation by means of appropriate documents.

How can I recognize the ads that benefit from 100% accompanied ?

Ads benefiting from 100% accompanied are only Premium ads recognizable by the LeaseTransfer logo inserted on the ad . On each ad detail page you will also find our contact details.

What does the amount of the lease repurchase mean ?

The amount of the lease repurchase corresponds to the amount to be paid in cash to become the owner of the vehicle, without taking over the leasing.