100% accompanied formula

The 100% Accompanied option allows you to transfer your automobile lease contract by delegating the procedures related to your ad. That way you will be able to get out of your car lease without any constraints!

Enjoy our personalized services to accompany you!

The option includes:

  • Checking and correcting your ad
  • Searching for a buyer with the diffusion of your ad to our network
  • Handling of the buyers’ calls and emails
  • The constitution and pre-analysis of the solvency of your leasing takeover files
  • File follow up until the transfer of your lease contract

You are guaranteed to be supported by a team dedicated to get you out of your car lease under the best possible conditions. You opt for an optimum and operational management of your lease transfer.

If you’re a buyer and wish to have some information about taking over a lease and how the procedure works, contact us!

How much is it?

Pay for performance, you pay only if we find someone to take over your car lease.

Extra fees will be charged only after your used lease car is assigned. Our fees are fixed according to the monthly rent referred to in your lease contract.

Within the framework of the mission assigned to it, LeaseTransfer shall receive fees set at:

  • 490.- chf IAT (Including All Taxes) for a monthly rent lower than 499.- chf.
  • 690.- chf IAT for a monthly rent ranging between 499.- and 799.- chf.
  • 990.- chf IAT for a monthly rent ranging between 799.- and 1099.- chf.
  • 1390.- chf IAT for a monthly rent higher than 1099.- chf.

Those fees will be payable by the subscriber only after the finance company has validated the lease contract’s transfer. In case the lease contract is not taken over by an individual, no fees will be charged.

Subscription to Premium option and registration fees are compulsory in order to benefit from the 100% accompanied option.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us, our team will be pleased to respond to your inquiries.