The advantages of lease transfer

Advantages for the lease contract’s assignor

The conditions required for the termination of a vehicle’s lease contract directly the loan company are particularly dissuasive, because very costly. Then you will understand that LeaseTransfer is the most economical solution to let go of a leasing contract.

By transferring you lease contract:

    • You withdraw from your contract.
    • You save the money from the month rents left to pay.
    • You can get a new vehicle before your contract expires.
    • Sometimes you can avoid being prosecuted by your loan company.

Do not wait until you can no longer afford the price of your lease, with LeaseTransfer you can easily find a buyer, at a lesser cost!

Advantages for the lease contract’s buyer

By buying a lease contract:

    • You can benefit from a shorter period of commitment than one offered by a new contract
    • You can benefit from the contribution paid when the contract was subscribed as well as several free monthly installments.
    • You benefit from an already negotiated contract.
    • You can purchase a vehicle et make a good deal by taking over a contract ending soon, with a low residual price.

LeaseTransfer is an easy and efficient solution to take over a lease contract that corresponds to your needs!