Who are we?

LeaseTransfer is a Swiss start-up company registered CH-660.1.144.017-7 in the commerce registry.

The website leasetransfer.ch is a classified ads’ platform allowing private individuals or companies willing to assign a car lease to post ads on the website.

The website is intended for private individuals or professionals based in Switzerland.

The conditions required for the termination of a vehicle’s lease contract directly with the loan company are particularly dissuasive, because very costly. Indeed, many feedbacks made us realize that it is very hard to let go of a leasing contract before its end without having to pay for unreasonable, often abusive prices.
Consequently, we decided to create a platform dedicated to the easy assignment of car leases. Our wish is to allow people wanting to assign their lease to do it at a lesser cost. The aim is to relieve them financially of a sometime cumbersome or inadequate monthly installment.

LeaseTransfer is a new concept for the Swiss car industry.

In Quebec, where the number of car leases is comparable to that in Switzerland, finding a buyer via a dedicated platform is very widely used.

LeaseTransfer is an easy and efficient answer to a service more and more common in the daily lives of private individuals and professionals alike. The transfer of lease contracts finally has a truly dedicated platform in Switzerland.